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Generic drug delays push Novartis’ Diovan’s price higher

Pharma News:    In the drug business, the arrival of generic competition usually means falling prices as rivals rush to win market share for medicines whose patents have expired. Then there’s Diovan from Novartis (NVS), a blockbuster heart pill that lost patent protection in September 2012. In a process specified by U.S. patent law, India’s […]

India-US relations in jeopardy over IP issues

The Hindu reports: Facing the threat of sanctions by the US for what it terms India’s lax intellectual property (IP) rules, the Commerce Ministry is studying the possible impact on trade with the US if Washington goes ahead with its action. The Office of the US Trade Representative is to come out with its annual Special […]

Nike awarded 540 patents in 2013; Up by about 60% from 2012

(photo: WSJ)     Sales aren’t the only aspect where Nike is breaking its own records. Apparently, it has been awarded 540 patents in the past year ranging from power-lacing shoes (read: Back to the Future II) to shoes that change colors. The WSJ reports: Through April 15 this year, Nike already has 135 patents […]

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