Patent Alert services by XLPAT

At XLPAT we provide a full package of IP services, right from invalidating a patent to providing landscape reports for new and existing technologies. A part of those services is our patent alert service that allows you to monitor new patent applications and issued patents by industry, technology, or company. This service enables us to track patent information provided by 100+ patent-issuing authorities globally. 

Automation in First Pass Prior Art Searching Achieved

A new disruptive technology in Patent searching, Prior Art Searching, Patent landscapes, Patent Invalidation Searches and Novelty searches was unveiled recently

The product is called XLPAT (, it is a collection of Automated & User friendly product that is said to be the first of its kind has removed the need to manually search & analyze huge volumes of patent data.

Automated tools for Patent Searching


XLPAT is an online cloud based system/platform that collaboratively enables users to manage, order and search prior art for patents (patent pending). It offers completely automated patent tools that perform prior art searches within minutes, generate claim charts and also print the reports easily; all the while letting you share results with your colleagues.