Patent Translation – Why It is neccesary ?

Lawful Cases That Demonstrate the Need for Professional Translators An improper translation submitted to the USPTO may narrow the scope of the patent claim, since the mis-translation will specify an amendment to the patent write-down. We’ll look at two further court cases that highlight the outcomes of using low-quality translations for legal purposes. You might […]

A threat of Patent Infringement

The scope or the extent of Patent Watch is defined in the claims of the granted patent. Patent filing agents inform the public about terms of the claims such as what is allowed and what is not allowed without the permission of the patent holder. Usually, a party that  manufactures, sells, imports, uses, or offers […]

TT Consultants Launches new service – R&D Support Setup India

Not many domestic and foreign companies know that the Government of India has revised its weighted tax deductions for in-house R&D centers to 200% in the latest Union Budget of 2010. This is more than compared to benefits provided in countries like Singapore, Hungary etc. Companies which are engaged in research only at present but […]