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TT Consultants – Global IP Firm based in India

An ISO 27001 and ISO 9001:2008 certified company, TTC is a leading IP firm providing high quality Intellectual Property and Innovation Support Services, helping clients to realize opportunities and meet challenges in the field of IP. Through the years as patent consultants, we have worked with our clients to deliver foremost patent prosecution services and patent litigation support in the form of Invalidity/Validity Searches, Patentability Searches, Patent Drafting etc. We also specialize in Patent Analytics, Technology Transfer and Licensing and other affordable legal IP services to corporates, attorneys,  law firms,  research institutes and  universities across the globe. Read more about our patent services.

Our prime focus as an IP law firm is to evolve a one stop platform for complete patent search technology innovation cycle. With offices in USA, Taiwan and India, and regular one-on-one interactions with clients across the globe, we strive to work on close quarters with our clients to provide them personalized services. We are among top patent consultants in India and can boast of a 100% client return rate for the excellent work done by our patent analysts. Our experience with litigation and licensing matters is brought to bear on all prosecution matters to optimize the value and enforceability of the patents and registrations we obtain for our clients.

Our strength lies in our team of experienced Patent Analysts, each an expert in their respective domain, working together to provide quality services to our clients. Each of our analysts have a minimum of 3 years of experience in prior art searching. We also have an experienced US Patent Agent and Examiner working from our US branch office to assist in building client relationships in the USA. Client service is at the heart of our work and how we do it. That’s what makes us committed to — and recognized for — understanding your specific challenges and tailoring our solutions to fit you and your requirements.

We take pride in the quality of tools delivered by us. With our experience of more than 8 years in the field of intellectual property, we have developed automated patent tools which facilitate prior art searches that are as exhaustive as any manual search. Collaborated under the name of XLPAT Labs, these tools also include a Landscape Viewer and Claim Mapper, which when used along with our global Patent Search tool, provides refined results in the shortest time possible. Know more about these tools here.